Simplify Service Selling Operations

We keep an eye on your customers' expiry date and your revenue stream

Elevate your client's warranty management with Tesedi. Our automated system vigilantly tracks your IT asset list, alerting you precisely when renewals are due. Streamline processes and boost revenue with proactive renewal monitoring.
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Service Renewal

Our goal is that you can swiftly cover your client’s IT assets, preventing downtime. As your trusted partner, our renewal quotes are clear and comprehensive, ensuring your clients get the needed HPE support promptly.

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Asset Tracking

Take control of you inventory with Tesedi’s IT asset management service, offering continuous monitoring. Report inventory updates for transparent, complete, and accurate IT asset tracking.

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Service Reminder

Easily track and renew the warranty contracts so you don’t miss on any revenue with our Pre-Expiry & Expiry notice reminders in your inbox.

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When you outsource it to the experts, your end-customers love you more

Renewing your support contract is the easiest way to take full advantage of Veeam’s innovations and be sure that your virtual infrastructure is securely protected.With active support, you can take full advantage of:


Dedicated Account Manager


Renewal Notifications Up To 3 Months In Advance


We Provide Your Quote and Your Customer Quote

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