Why become a Tesedi partner?

Partnering with Tesedi isn’t just about enhancing your service renewals; it’s about transforming your business for greater success and efficiency. As a dedicated service-only distributor in the HPE channel, our 15+ years of experience and expertise uniquely position us to elevate your business to new heights.
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Transforming your business with Tesedi

Our focused approach and bespoke solutions are designed to streamline your operations, boost your revenue, and strengthen your client relationships.
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Proactive and customized solutions

We start the renewal process 120 days in advance, providing you with tailored solutions that respect and enhance your client relationships. Our commitment to never engage directly with your end customers ensures that your client interactions remain exclusively yours.

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Efficiency and revenue growth

Our streamlined processes minimize administrative work, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities. With Tesedi, you’re not just managing renewals; you’re seizing new opportunities to grow your recurring revenue.

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Client-centric approach

Our approach is centered around your needs and those of your clients. We handle the complexities of renewals, track details, and manage assets, ensuring a smooth process that keeps your clients satisfied and loyal.


The advantages of outsourcing to the experts are clear

Allowing us to handle your support contracts is the simplest method to unlock more capacity for working with your customers. With Tesedi's service, you can fully leverage the following:


Increased recurring revenue

Never miss a renewal opportunity, and scale your service revenue.


Time-saving efficiency

Reduce the burden of administrative tasks, focusing on core business growth.


Peace of mind

Trust in our commitment to your client relationships and seamless service delivery.

PRoven record with vendors

Tesedi has built its strong relationship with HPE over 18 years

HPE trusts us to manage their service contracts, recognizing the complexity and time-intensive nature of contract management for IT resellers. Our trusted service ensures that no customers are left unprotected while reducing the reseller's workload.

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Elevate your business with Tesedi

Join the ranks of successful partners who have transformed their business with Tesedi. Discover the benefits firsthand with a personalized demo.