Multi Quote Processing

We provide consolidated quotes to simplify both your life and that of your end-customers

Managing several contracts with different renewal dates for pieces of hardware can be a real hassle. We have you covered with: harmonized timings and contract due dates, serving multiple locations, simply invoicing, and more.
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Best in class service requires innovative solutions

No need for on-site visits – we're licensed to gather asset information directly from HPE. This means you get top-notch service without the extra hassle and at optimized cost and time.
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Harmonized timings and due dates

Multiple servers equals several warranty dates to manage. We simplify it by scheduling and coordinating them all so that you can focus on the most demanding tasks.

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Multiple-location servers, one unified contract

Simplify your operations by consolidating warranties of servers in multiple locations under one contract. Streamline management, reduce complexity, and ensure consistency across various locations effortlessly.

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Simple quotes, simple invoicing

Stop the financial hassles, consolidate billing across various brands seamlessly, simplify the invoicing process, and ensure clarity in financial transactions.

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The advantages of outsourcing your service contracts to the experts are clear

Allowing us to handle your support contracts is the simplest method to unlock more capacity for working with your customers. With Tesedi's service, you can fully leverage the following:


Dedicated account manager


Renewal notifications up to 3 months in advance


We provide pre-formatted customer-ready quotes


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Outsource IT services & warranties

Outsourcing IT hardware resellers' warranties and renewals ensures efficiency, cost savings, and global reach, enabling strategic growth by freeing up your focus for critical initiatives.


Automated renewals

Optimize client warranty management with Tesedi. Streamline processes and boost revenue through our proactive renewal monitoring.

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