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Complex cross-border IT support services
are a thing of the past

Our global solution assists both business partners and end customers in managing their IT service and support contracts across multiple countries worldwide. We provide comprehensive support in nearly every country, ensuring seamless management of IT contracts on a global scale. We simplify the entire process, providing you with a single quote tailored to your desired service levels, all in your preferred currency.

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Streamlining IT service  across multiple countries and vendors

Our goal is to simplify global support agreements

For over a decade, our Global service has been described as "The channels best kept secret" by the international IT services and support sector, by providing resellers with the tools to facilitate seamless global transactions.

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Regardless of the number of countries your project spans, we are fully equipped to navigate the regulatory and taxation requirements in each region. Our comprehensive services ensure seamless operations and compliance across borders, providing you with peace of mind as you expand your international presence.

Ease of

We make it easy for you to pay in the currency of your choice, making international transactions seamless and straightforward. Whether you prefer to pay in USD, EUR, GBP, or any other currency, we've got you covered.

One invoice,
One price

We simplify your billing process by consolidating costs for all regions into a single, transparent invoice. You'll receive a clear quote that eliminates confusion and streamlines financial management.

Support for new hardware sales

Often, distributors and resellers in the IT channel turn down lucrative global deals because of the barriers when it comes to providing comprehensive support tailored to each opportunity.

We provide support across the whole opportunity lifecycle, from the quoting, to deployment, and after-sales.

our global SERVICES

Unlock global markets by providing comprehensive IT services

We enable resellers to reach a wider market using our global management expertise.
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Proactive support for new hardware sales

Our approach begins with a consultation to understand your needs, ensuring tailored recommendations and support services at the point of purchase of your hardware. We can then proactively arrange support for your projects, streamlining deployment processes and enhancing financial planning to ensure you stay on track to achieve your project goals.

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Renewals management 

We offer a comprehensive solution to ensure your contracts are well-managed. Our proactive 90-day renewal reminder service helps you stay ahead of deadlines, ensuring continuity of service.
Our service ensures consistency across contracts, even if they are spread across multiple countries, guaranteeing alignment in terms of coverage, duration, and timing.

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Consultation service

Our consultation service offers expert support in identifying the most suitable maintenance solutions tailored to your requirements and machine capabilities.

Additionally, we provide assistance on tax regulations in specific countries and offer a comprehensive breakdown of available Service Level Agreements in each geographical location.

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Advantages and Benefits

Leave your worldwide IT service and support management to the experts

Allowing us to handle your global support contracts is the simplest method to unlock more capacity for working with your customers and secure bigger projects. With Tesedi's Globals service, you can fully leverage the following:


Maximize revenue from global business opportunities.


Expert knowledge of tax, regulations, and agreements.


Streamlined invoicing tailored to your preferred currency.

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