Introducing our new look: EPD Worldwide rebrands to Tesedi Global

Sebastian Berumen
May 10, 2024
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Say hello to the new EPD WW: Tesedi Global

We are still the best worldwide IT support solutions distributor, now with a clearer purpose, and a stronger brand. We have announced in an email to our customers that the Europlus Direct Worldwide division has changed it's name to Tesedi Global to join forces with our sister company. We are really excited to share these brand updates and why we made them with you.

What has changed and what hasn't?

Beyond new colors, new website, and better aligned communications, the new Tesedi Global brand reflects our mission to bridge the gap between IT resellers and the world's leading technology vendors, including DELL, IBM, Lenovo, and HPE. It symbolizes our commitment to simplifying the global selling process, making it more accessible and profitable for our partners. Alongside our refreshed identity, you'll notice enhancements across our services and customer experience.

The highlight:

Commercial, Not Legal: This rebranding is a commercial strategy and does not entail any legal changes. This means that all invoicing and quoting processes will remain unchanged apart from the logo. You will continue to receive all invoices and quotes from Europlus Direct Limited, trading as Tesedi Global. There is no additional work or change required from your end.

The journey here

Our rebrand to Tesedi Global represents more than just a new name; it embodies our evolution and the future for IT reselling across the globe. For over a decade, Europlus Direct Worldwide has been described as “the channel’s best-kept secret” by the international IT services and support sector, facilitating seamless global transactions and empowering resellers with the tools they need to succeed. Today, as Tesedi Global, we're taking a bold step forward to redefine what's possible in the IT reseller ecosystem.

Throughout our journey, we've connected with an incredibly diverse community of IT professionals, vendors, and resellers. As we start this next chapter, we're excited to introduce a brand that not only represents our collective journey but also supports the incredible work you do every day. With Tesedi Global, we're committed to equipping you with even more powerful tools and support for service partnerships, helping you to achieve greater success in the international IT market.

We are here for you

We understand that changes like these may prompt questions or require further clarification. We want to assure you that our team is here to support you through this transition. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to fill out a form in the contact section. Additionally, you can always reach out directly to your account manager or contact us at

A decade into our mission, we're more grateful than ever for our partners. Thank you for being an important part of our story so far and joining us as we start our next chapter. Welcome to Tesedi Global – the future of simplifying cross-border IT services.

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