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We are your experts in Service revenue management

Tesedi offers Hewlett-Packard partners an innovative and highly specialised complete solution for management of service agreements.

From professional offer preparation for your customer's service requirements to handling renewals of agreements and proactively supporting your agreement portfolio over the entire lifecycle.

As an authorised service-only distributor, we understand specific customer requirements in terms of service and support.

With over 600 satisfied retail partners across several countries, the figures speak for themselves. You can also benefit from the experience, know-how and proven expertise of Tesedi's experts and benefit from higher renewal rates, more revenues, less administration work and more time for your customers.

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What our customers say

Im Bereich HP-Vertragsmanagement unterstützt uns Tesedi seit Jahren hervorragend. In kürzester Zeit sind sämtliche unserer Anfragen mit hoher Qualität erledigt – wunderbar. Nur Hellsehen wäre noch besser!

Cancom on line
Frank Bierbrauer, Vertriebsleiter

We count on the support of Tesedi for the management and extension of our service agreements. In the highly dynamic and performance-oriented times we live in, administrative support, fast turnaround times and in-depth expert knowledge are more important than ever to enable us to renew our service agreements. With Tesedi, we have the right partner by our side.

Thomas Zimmer, Chairman

We highly appreciate the services provided by Tesedi. We have been working with Tesedi for many years, enabling us to offer our customers the best level of service at attractive prices. We are very happy with our collaboration and appreciate the in-depth expertise of the Tesedi team.

Jörg Graber, Contract Manager

Tesedi provides us with excellent support so we can handle our contract management for our customers efficiently, reliably and in a timely manner. Tesedi takes over all the administrative tasks involved in renewing service agreements for our customers. This allows us to focus fully on supporting our customers.

Markus Rieder, Director Operations

Tesedi übernimmt für uns nicht nur die vollständige Abwicklung der Wartungsverträge unserer Kunden, sondern unterstützt uns auch proaktiv dabei, die ideale Vertragsabdeckung für unsere Kunden zu finden. Wir freuen uns sehr über die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit.

Stefan Voß, Geschäftsführung
We run regular webinars relating to service revenue management.
Our webinars
Annuity-Management AG is the parent company of Tesedi – we are the experts in revenue lifecycle management. Go to Website

Your Benefits

Customised service agreements protect and guarantee the smooth operation of the IT infrastructures of your customers. They are also an excellent tool for managing customer retention.

Complex IT landscapes, service level renewals and extensions within the existing hardware configurations, different service level requirements and software and licence updates often require complex agreement structures, where submitting an offer as well as the administration and support involves considerably work and loss of time on your part.

Tesedi assures you optimal service coverage, complete flexibility and no more time-consuming contract management work.

With Tesedi, you can explore new ways for your service revenue management. Working with the latest technology, our contract experts will help you to reduce all administrative costs for managing service agreements over the entire lifecycle of your customers' IT infrastructure and ensure that expiring service agreements are renewed successfully in time.

You will therefore have an overview and complete control of all your service contracts at all times, enabling your customers to profit from optimal service coverage tailored to exactly to their needs.

Focus, expertise and technology are our factors for success

Service gateway to manufacturer

  • Direct access to the proper contacts at HPE/HPI
  • Significant time savings when preparing an offer
  • Quickly identifying right offer at attractive prices

Support for your ongoing service agreements

  • 100% administrative work taken care of
  • Simple, reliable, on schedule
  • Higher renewal rates, more revenue

Comprehensive expert advice

  • Years of experience with support agreements
  • Optimal service coverage – satisfied customers
  • Greater customer loyalty

Use of the latest technology

  • Fast lead and turn-around times
  • Optimal quality, efficient handling
  • Support for service up-selling


We are an authorised service specialist for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise & HP INC. We offer you the complete range of Hewlett-Packard services. We are also happy to quote a service contracts for systems and software in the case of expired manufacturer guarantees.

Your service options:

We offer you the right
Hewlett-Packard service package


HPE Foundation Care Services

Choose HP as your initial point of contact for all questions relating to hardware and software.

Modern IT environments are complex, and administrators need to deal with a wide range of different requirements. With HP Technology Services, you can stay in contact at all times and focus on your business.

HPE Foundation Care Services includes hardware and software support, so problems with HP products and products from other providers can be resolved more quickly.

The standard service levels were simplified to allow you to determine the right service level in accordance with your SLAs and available budget more quickly and conveniently.

HPE Software Support Services

Choose the service level that matches your requirements. The support offering allows you to choose from Basic or Standard. You also have the option to add Priority Support.

Enterprise Support Options

Enterprise Basic
Investment protection through provision of product updates, patches and fixes

Unlimited access to Software Support Online (SSO) for knowledge, documentation, and self-solve features

Local business hours access to technical support engineers for assistance in resolving technical issues

Enterprise Standard
Investment protection through provision of product updates, patches and fixes

Unlimited access to Software Support Online (SSO) for knowledge, documentation, and self-solve features

Round the clock access to technical support engineers for assistance in resolving technical issues

Enterprise Priority*
Priority incident routing/resolution/handling

Co-ordination with 3rd party vendors

Optional add-ons including Named Advanced Support Engineer, local language support and 30 minute response time for the highest impact technical issues

HPE Proactive Care Services

In the case of migrating to convergent, virtualised and cloud-based environments, a reliable partner is required who can help to simplify complex structures, ensure stable IT operations and provide support for the entire environment, as well as always be on hand as a point of contact.

In the case of HPE Proactive Care Services, this is a flexible, comprehensive and cost-efficient service offering which combines intelligent technology and support and thus ensures improved performance. We work together with you and offer proactive advice and fast support as required.

Proactive Care includes both proactive and reactive hardware and software support, so you can enjoy full benefit from your IT investment. Our support solution is based on three principles for our services:

Customised: You have extended and faster access to technical expertise for rapid diagnosis and resolution of problems. An Account Support Manager (ASM) will offer you comprehensive support as your central point of contact.

Proactive: Leading remote support technology is used across the entire industry in the case of proactive care. This enables real-time monitoring and issuing of warnings for early diagnosis and resolution of problems, and ensures that downtime is avoided. HP also draws up proactive analyses and recommendations for firmware and patches as well as health checks to cover potential risk.

Simplified: A central point of contact is available to ensure continuous handing of your case alongside an integrated spectrum of support elements. You can choose from three service levels for reactive hardware support. You can obtain Proactive Care Services at any time (at the time of purchase of HP products or at a later time via a contract) and these can be used for all available components.

The aim of Proactive Care is to increase the availability and stability of IT environments and to reduce the time required for service and operation. This allows you to focus on business innovations.

HPE Proactive Select Services

We allow you to acquire the services you need at the right time for you and to customise them as you wish should your business needs change. With HP Proactive Select, you have an Account Support Manager on hand who will provide you with a detailed overview of your IT environment in collaboration with your IT team and draw up an action plan based on this information to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

You can choose from over 100 service options, such as Blade Toolset Assessment or Virtualization Performance Audit. Learn how to get better control over your costs and speed up the introduction of new technologies. Use the expertise of experienced HPE service specialists to help you gain optimal benefit from your technology investment.

HPE Datacenter Care

Datacenter Care offers you just the support you need for your IT style. You will benefit from global services tailored to large companies so you can manage the IT environment with optimal service and prepare the migration to a hybrid cloud solution.

With Datacenter Care, HP is setting new standards in support – based on the principles of simplicity, customisation and proactiveness. Datacenter Care is a flexible and comprehensive approach based on business relationships for customised support and management of heterogeneous data centres – including a structured framework for reproducible, verified and globally available “service elements”.

HP has extensive support experience in complex environments and can call upon a global support partner network and technical expertise. With a single agreement, you receive the exact services your company needs, wherever and whenever.

Datacenter Care for Networking includes support services for network products with a central point of contact for reactive support and proactive services. You can resolve network issues very quickly and make use of expertise to set up a software-defined network. This may explain why seven of the leading eight communication service providers have opted for Datacenter Care.

Our mission-critical partnership customers regard Datacenter Care Service as a natural progression. Get in touch with your point of contact at HP if you would like to learn more about how you can expand your mission-critical partnerships with Datacenter Care Service.

The key modules include:

  • Dedicated account team for personal support
  • Better call handling – direct contact to experts
  • Reactive services specially for your systems
  • Proactive services for forecasting and preventing problems

You can also avail of a range of optional services that meet your needs.

HPE Flexible Capacity

HP Flexible Capacity (FC) offers public cloud functionality with the benefits of a local IT facility. Your company will benefit from a simple configuration, flexible price models, management of operating costs, opportunities for expansion and a flexible IT, storage, network and software infrastructure. You will enjoy the benefits of a local solution and the use of a hybrid deployment model. Control and security are also ensured, while you can integrate existing workloads, reduce latency time, manage data storage locations and provide an enterprise-class support experience. Flexible Capacity can be used in conjunction with HP hardware and software, and now also with systems from other providers.

Leave the limitations of traditional IT solutions behind. HP Flexible Capacity offers the option to deploy new capacity within a few minutes rather than several weeks without having to repeat the purchase process with each new request. Flexible Capacity is a component of HP DataCenter Care. This allows your company to deploy company-wide support which is required in data centres – a team with personal contacts on site, an excellent call experience provided globally via centres of expertise, and the combination of proactive and reactive services that your company needs for its systems.

Flexible Capacity is a model for IT which does not require any advance capital investment, as you pay for a service. We offer on-site infrastructure and services invoiced monthly. Using advanced measuring systems, the fees indicate the actual usage, which enables you to optimise cash flow. The model is also very efficient, as you only pay for capacity when you actually need it.

If your company works as a service provider, you will need flexible business solutions designed for optimising revenue streams and reducing time to market. HP Flexible Capacity enables your company to increase or reduce costs in accordance with customer use without the need for further capital investment. Thanks to the Datacenter Care features offered by Flexible Capacity, you can increase operational efficiency.

With Flexible Capacity in conjunction with HP Private Cloud systems, customers who migrate to an infrastructure-as-a-service model can benefit from cloud-specific features that support increased agility and scalability. Capital flow and cash flow are also improved. You can also opt for a fully configured, ready-to-use system environment if required.

For customers whose main focus is a storage-as-a-service model, Flexible Capacity and HP Storage solutions are a flexible solution in terms of storage capacity required in the company. In light of the fact that trends in big data, social media and mobile solutions are pointing towards a vast increase in storage capacity requirements, Flexible Capacity enables the expansion of capacity, management of storage solutions and tailoring of cash flows relating to storage capacity based on usage and associated benefits.

Download & Support Centre

Service agreements offer many benefits:


  • Full service coverage
  • Complete protection of your digital assets
  • Smooth operation of IT infrastructures
  • Complete overview of current status of system landscape
  • Simple and intelligent contract management independent of IT environment
  • Flexible and attractive pricing and billing
  • Automatic reminders for expiring agreements, including proactive offer preparation
  • Perfect tool for customer retention
  • Opportunity for up-selling and service optimisation
  • Everything from a single source

Gateway HPE and HPI:

Electronic support
to HPE Support Centre

You should only use legally acquired software licences. This also applies for licence updates.
The use of unlicensed software or software updates (including patches) is subject to prosecution.

This also applies if the software installed was supplied by an organisation not authorised by HP.

We run regular webinars relating to service revenue management. Simply sign up and benefit from a wide range of tips and information.

Our Webinars

Annuity Management

Annuity-Management AG is the parent company of Tesedi. We are the experts in revenue lifecycle management.


Focused and experienced

Tesedi GmbH "Technology Service Distribution" was founded in 2005 for HP as the first European service-only distributor and has focused exclusively on sales and renewals of expiring service and maintenance agreements since it was founded. Thanks to our clear focus – we don't provide either hardware or software products – and our status as a neutral and highly specialised service-only distributor, we are ideally positioned to offer comprehensive support to Hewlett-Packard partners for their service revenue management. Learn more about us and benefit from higher renewal rates, more revenue and greater customer satisfaction.

Annuity Management

Experts increasing service revenues

Since 2015 is Tesedi part of the Annuity Management Group. Annuity-Management AG specialises in revenue lifecycle management and customer success management solutions for technology providers.

As a highly specialised service provider for recurring revenues,(“annuities”), Annuity-Management AG offers comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions for service revenue management that increase renewals of maintenance, support and subscription agreements. For more information, see www.annuity-management.com.

Matthias Knaur

CEO Matthias.Knaur@tesedi.com
"It is more important to do the important things really well than to do everything sort of well."

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